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Monday, July 14, 2014

Creating Read-Only Value Sets

I been away too long, guess raising baby girl is more time consuming than I thought - but honesty, I enjoy spending time with her way better then posting tech ;-)
OK, following piece is short and to the point.
I been asked to provide our client with a way to run certain concurrent program with read-only parameters. All the required parameters would be initiated automatically: there are default values to every one of them, whenever its Profile Option or SQL Statement.
Task: User should be able to see those values on Submit Request form, but he would not be allowed to update those values.
There are numerous sophisticated tricks to make dependable parameter through dependable Value Sets and hidden parameters, but I am not interested in redesign my concurrent program completely, so it is not a solution I am looking for.
Why not just create "Read-Only" Value Set?
Solution: We are going to create two Read-Only value set for chars and numbers correspondingly.
1.Create new Special value set XX_NUMBER_READ_ONLY (see the screens)

by pressing Edit Info, lists' logic revealed:

2. Same goes for XX_VARCHAR_READ_ONLY Value Set:

Now, the only this that left is to connect those Value Sets to corresponding parameters as displayed below:

So once the program is submitted, the Parameters form would look like: